When the Wind Blew

I am proud to introduce Big Bear and Little Bear. They appear in my new children's picture book 'When The Wind Blew'.
I illustrated and wrote this one, so it's all my fault if you don't like it... but you will, you will, I'm sure!

The story begins with a wild storm in the night. The two bears are safe in their den, but wake in the morning to find that the wind has blown down all the trees in their beloved forest! Big Bear helps Little Bear understand what has happened and how they will have to find a new home. When you are a little bear big life changes can be worrying and hard to deal with, but if you have a big bear who loves you, a bear who is positive and calm and kind, well... then obstacles can be overcome without too much anxiety. Life will move forward, and sometimes, with a little luck, life can become a little better.

I'm delighted to report that 'When the Wind Blew' will become available to buy 15th August 2017, to be published by Sleeping Bear Press.

'When the Wind Blew' by Petra Brown, published by Sleeping Bear Press
Graphics: Full-color illustrations
Hardcover (9781585369690): 32 pages, 10 (w) x 10 (h), © 2017, 08/15/2017 NYP
Hosted ebook (9781634724388): 32 pages, 10 (w) x 10 (h), © 2017, 08/15/2017 NYP
You can pre-order on Amazon.

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